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Transdermal magnesium is the only way I’ve been able to get my magnesium levels up and I feel FANTASTIC! Tablets/capsules go right through me, regardless of the form of magnesium, and have done nothing. Being in my 60’s I wanted to be sure that my magnesium levels were more than adequate and this did the trick. I’ve tried other flakes in the past but these are the best, by far. Others would look cloudy when dissolved in water, have an odor or be undrinkable.

      These are crystal clear when dissolved with no sediment, have no odor when sprayed and can be drunk because it is Food Grade. Being food grade is very important to me because it indicates a level of purity. Pharmaceutical grade is meaningless for magnesium chloride flakes. I use 2 parts water to 1 part flakes for transdermal use because anything stronger can be kind of sticky and uncomfortable. I spray liberally and often. Have also used it as a foot soak which is heavenly.”

 PJ Martin

quote1 I was VERY skeptical about this product. But I have killer charley horses which would wake me almost nightly. In fact I got one the night that my magnesium oil arrived (hadn’t used it yet). Sprayed it on my calves. No tingle but almost immediate relief!!! My boyfriend scoffed–until he was experiencing back pain from overexertion. Now he is also a believer! I use it nightly now after my shower and the incidents of calf spasms have lessened dramatically. I will be ordering this item again because I do NOT want to be without it!!!. “

— Sandy Taylor

quote1Just got this yesterday; delivered in timely manner and packaged well! Felt low magnesium was due to a chronic illness and causing hypertension! The product did not make me uncomfortable with tingling but actually felt good and slightly warmed lower extremities. Sprayed on foot bottoms first day; sprayed and massaged into lower legs, ankles and feet the second day. It may relax you to the point of wanting to nap! Topically apply the spray just prior to retiring for the night. Has assisted in lowering BP levels!”

— Tootsie

quote1 This is mind blowingly AWESOME!! I have severe arthritis (I’m 41 and I’ve had it since I was 6 years old) and this has helped my tense muscles and pain and stiffness to an amazing degree!!! I also am peri-menopause with daily terrible hot flashes, I’ve noticed since using this I have FAR less hot flashes!! A new thing I just discovered in the past 24 hours. Living in Ohio sinus/allergy is terrible and I rubbed some on the bridge of my nose and sinus areas and OMG my sinus congestion cleared right up!!! My husband had an instant bad cramp and he sprayed some on and the cramp went away immediately! I have neck/throat cramps and this took care of it! The only thing is there is a slight sticky residue later on but who cares, it’s worth it for the results!!!”


quote1 Awesome product. Have tried many brands. This is by far the best of them.”

Thomas I.Williams

quote1 I am so very happy with this product. Will certainly be ordering it again. Thank you for providing a great product and prompt delivery.”

Angel Garcia

quote1 My body absorbs magnesium much more efficiently via food grade magnesium. Using re-vive in my bathtub weekly, 2 scoops per bath, has significantly lessened pain from menstrual cramps.”


quote1 If you have never used magnesium Chloride flakes…you are in for a pleasant surprise…your skin feels great & you get magnesium within yourself via your skin

Andrea Terry

quote1 I am a huge believer! It is food grade quality which is extremely important, you shouldn’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t put in your body. Everyone seems to forget the skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you put on it. We started using this as a family and we have noticed a huge difference in getting our children to bed. We use this instead of liquid melatonin and it seems to work much better! We also use this for aches and pains especially on a bad knee. It eases pain fairly quickly. I plan on purchasing more for Christmas this year, maybe make a few healthy living , treat yourself kind of gift baskets for the ones I love.”


quote1 This is great it has been the best for all my Magnesium needs. I would buy it again and I think everyone I know should try it. I bought this food grade Magnesium Chloride so I could add a little to my water and drink it. My doctor said my magnesium levels are low and I should eat more tofu. Well I’m a vegetarian but I don’t usually eat tofu. I found out that Magnesium Chloride was used to make tofu. So I thought I would by this since it said food grade and try this. I tried this with Epsom Salt and not only did it taste bad, it also sent me running to the bathroom. I put about a teaspoon in a 500ml bottle of water and I sip it over one to two days. I’m very pleased with it. It has the same effects on my lungs as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in that it brings up phlegm but I feel good, so I’m happy with it. You can also use it for your bath and to soak your feet in.”


quote1 This is the first time I have tried magnesium oil. I have to admit that that I have been pleasantly surprised. I use it primarily on my legs and feet, where I get soreness. My husband saw that I liked it and tried it on his calves and felt that it helped.”


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